4 Amazing Tricks to Teach Your Golden Retriever Today 

Sit Pretty (Beg): – Start by having your Golden Retriever sit in front of you. – Hold a treat close to their nose and slowly raise it upwards.

– As your dog reaches for the treat, their hind legs will naturally lift off the ground. At this moment, say the command “Sit Pretty” or "Beg" and reward them with the treat. – Gradually increase the duration they can hold the position before giving the treat.

High Five: – Begin by having your Golden Retriever sit in front of you. – Hold a treat in your hand and show it to your dog, keeping it just out of reach.

– Use your other hand to gently lift one of their front paws while saying the command “High Five.” – As soon as their paw touches your hand, reward them with the treat and lots of praise.

Fetch the Newspaper: – Start by teaching your Golden Retriever to hold an object in their mouth, like a toy or a ball. – Introduce a rolled-up newspaper, allowing your dog to sniff and interact with it.

– Encourage your dog to pick up the newspaper by gently guiding their mouth towards it while using the command “Fetch the Newspaper.” – Once they pick it up, reward them with a treat and praise.

Roll Over: – Begin with your Golden Retriever in a down position. – Hold a treat near their nose and slowly move it in a circular motion towards their shoulder.

– As your dog follows the treat with their nose, they will naturally roll onto their side and then onto their back. – Use the command “Roll Over” as they complete the motion, and reward them with the treat.

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