7 Amazing Labrador Retriever Tricks You Never Knew

Fetching Specific Items: Labradors have a keen sense of smell and can be trained to fetch specific items by name. You can teach them to differentiate between toys, household objects, or even articles of clothing.

Opening Doors: With their dexterous paws and strong jaws, Labradors can be taught to open doors. This could be useful for letting themselves in and out of rooms or even retrieving items from behind closed doors.

Assisting with Laundry: Labradors can be trained to help with household chores like fetching the laundry. They can learn to pick up clothes from the floor, bring them to the laundry basket, and even load them into the washing machine.

 Identifying Scents: Their powerful noses make Labradors excellent candidates for scent detection work. They can be trained to identify specific scents such as drugs, explosives, or even medical conditions like low blood sugar in diabetics.

 Assisting with Shopping: Labradors can be trained to carry small items in a backpack, making them helpful companions for shopping trips. They can carry groceries, supplies, or even their own doggy essentials.

Turning Off Lights: With some training, Labradors can learn to turn off lights by either pushing switches with their noses or using their paws to hit buttons. This trick can be both convenient and energy-saving.

 Assisting in Emergency Situations: Labradors can be trained to assist in emergency situations such as fetching a phone, bringing medication, or even alerting others if their owner is in distress. Their loyalty and quick learning make them ideal partners in times of need.

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