1: Intro Do Leos get mad easily? Find out how this fire sign reacts to anger triggers.

2: Leo Traits Leos are passionate and loyal, but can also be quick-tempered.

3: Anger Triggers Discover what pushes Leos' buttons and leads to their fiery tempers.

4: How Leos Express Anger Learn about the assertive and dramatic ways Leos express their anger.

5: Tips for Dealing with a Mad Leo Find out how to calm down a Leo and navigate conflicts with this sign.

6: Common Misconceptions Break down stereotypes about Leos' anger and explore the truth behind them.

7: Signs of Cooling Down Learn to recognize when a Leo is starting to cool off after a heated argument.

8: Communication Tips Discover effective ways to communicate with a mad Leo and resolve conflicts peacefully.

9: Conclusion Understanding a Leo's anger can lead to better relationships and smoother interactions with this fiery sign.