1: "Plan Your Viewing" Research optimal viewing times and locations for the best chance to see the northern lights tonight on phone.

2: "Download Apps" Download apps like Aurora Forecast and My Aurora Forecast to track aurora activity on your phone.

3: "Find Dark Skies" Head to dark, remote areas with minimal light pollution to increase visibility of the northern lights on phone.

4: "Adjust Phone Settings" Maximize phone brightness and turn off any ambient light features for better northern lights viewing tonight.

5: "Check Weather Conditions" Monitor weather patterns to ensure clear skies for optimal northern lights viewing on your phone.

6: "Stay Patient" Be patient and give your eyes time to adjust to the dark for maximum visibility of the northern lights on phone.

7: "Capture the Moment" Use a tripod and long exposure settings on your phone to capture stunning photos of the northern lights.

8: "Share Your Experience" Share your northern lights viewing experience on social media using hashtags like #AuroraBorealis and #NorthernLights.

9: "Enjoy the Beauty" Sit back, relax, and marvel at the natural wonder of the northern lights tonight on your phone.