What dog breed doesn't like to cuddle?

While individual preferences vary, some dog breeds are generally known to be less inclined towards cuddling.  

Breeds such as the Basenji and the Siberian Husky are independent-minded and may not seek out cuddling as much as other breeds. 

Additionally, some working breeds, like the Belgian Malinois and the Border Collie, are more focused on tasks and may not prioritize cuddling.  

However, it's important to remember that every dog is unique, and there are always exceptions to breed generalizations.  

With proper training, socialization, and bonding, any dog can learn to enjoy cuddling with their human companions.

While these breeds may not be as inclined towards cuddling, they often show affection in other ways, such as through play or companionship.  

Ultimately, the desire for cuddling can vary greatly between individual dogs, regardless of breed. 

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