What dog breed requires the least amount of grooming?

The Basenji stands out as a dog breed requiring minimal grooming. Their short, fine coat is naturally clean and self-maintaining, needing only occasional brushing to remove loose hair and dirt.  

Due to their fastidious grooming habits and lack of a typical "doggy odor," Basenjis are relatively low-maintenance in terms of grooming requirements.  

With their self-sufficient nature and minimal grooming needs, Basenjis are an ideal choice for individuals seeking a low-maintenance dog breed that still offers companionship and affection. 

Their minimal grooming needs make them suitable for busy individuals or those who prefer a low-maintenance pet.  

However, it's essential to provide regular dental care, nail trimming, and occasional baths to keep them healthy and happy. 

Overall, Basenjis offer the perfect combination of minimal grooming requirements and companionship, making them an excellent choice for many dog lovers. 

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