1: Introduction Discover exercises that can help you achieve a smaller waist and which ones to avoid for the best results.

2: Crunches While crunches can strengthen your core, they may not directly reduce waist size. Focus on other exercises for a smaller waist.

3: Side Bends Avoid side bends as they can create a blocky look rather than a slim waistline. Opt for targeted exercises instead.

4: Twists Twists can bulk up your obliques, leading to a wider waist. Choose exercises that cinch the waist for a sleeker look.

5: Heavy Weightlifting Heavy weightlifting can increase muscle mass, potentially widening your waist. Opt for lighter weights to maintain a slender silhouette.

6: Leg Press Leg press exercises can engage the lower body muscles, but may not target the waist area. Try waist-specific workouts for better results.

7: Oblique Crunches While oblique crunches can tone your sides, they may not reduce waist size. Focus on exercises that slim the midsection.

8: Standing Twists Standing twists can bulk up your midsection. Avoid these movements and opt for exercises that tone and define your waist.

9: Planks Planks can strengthen your core but may not specifically target the waist. Include waist-cinching exercises for a smaller, defined midsection.