1: Avoid crunches and sit-ups, as they can bulk up your waist area.

2: Steer clear of weighted side bends, as they can thicken your midsection.

3: Skip oblique twists, as they can widen your waist instead of slimming it.

4: Avoid heavy squats and deadlifts, as they can build muscle in your waist.

5: Stay away from heavy overhead presses, as they can make your waist appear larger.

6: Avoid excessive cardio, as it can burn muscle and create a boxy waist.

7: Say no to excessive sugar and processed foods, as they can add to waistline.

8: Steer clear of high-calorie beverages, as they can contribute to waist size.

9: Focus on core-strengthening exercises and proper nutrition for a small waist.