1: Nicki Minaj's Birth Chart Overview Discover the key astrological points in Nicki Minaj's birth chart and how they influence her personality and career.

2: Sun Sign - Sagittarius As a Sagittarius, Nicki Minaj is known for her adventurous spirit, optimism, and fiery energy in her music and career.

3: Moon Sign - Taurus Nicki Minaj's Taurus moon sign reveals her nurturing and sensual nature, adding depth to her emotional and creative expression.

4: Ascendant Sign - Aries With an Aries ascendant, Nicki Minaj exudes confidence, leadership, and a bold sense of individuality in her persona and public image.

5: Mercury Sign - Sagittarius Nicki Minaj's Mercury in Sagittarius signifies her love for communication, philosophy, and storytelling in her music and lyrics.

6: Venus Sign - Capricorn In her Venus sign of Capricorn, Nicki Minaj values stability, ambition, and loyalty in her relationships and artistic pursuits.

7: Mars Sign - Virgo Nicki Minaj's Mars in Virgo indicates her attention to detail, work ethic, and perfectionism in her creative process and performances.

8: Jupiter Sign - Leo With Jupiter in Leo, Nicki Minaj embodies confidence, creativity, and a larger-than-life presence on stage and in her music videos.

9: Conclusion Exploring Nicki Minaj's birth chart sheds light on the astrological influences that shape her iconic career and magnetic personality.